201 - Flash Photography Hands-on Workshop - May 6, 2017 - Spartanburg SC $75.00
A on-camera & off-camera flash workshop with a model!

Your camera’s flash is the best and most convenient tool to create properly exposed images, but used incorrectly, it can make images flat and artificial looking.

This class is a hands-on class with a model! Bring your camera and flash (if you have one). Spartan Photo Center will have a few Nikon & Canon flashes to loan attendants.

We will forever make you think differently about both on-camera and off-camera flash. This hands-on workshop will teach you correctly balance your flash with ambient light and use the flash as a creative tool with which you can make your subjects pop. We will shoot outside of our classroom area, weather permitting.

Please note: Although there are no official prerequisites for any of our classes, a general understanding of the topics mentioned in our description of our Basic Digital Photography, Basic DSLR & Advanced DSLR classes will help you get the most out of this class.

Saturday afternoon 3:30-6:30PM
May 6, 2017
Spartan Photo Center
108 Garner Rd
Spartanburg SC

Please bring your camera and, if you already have one, flash to class.
Please contact us with questions at michael@michaellambphotography.com.
Seats available: 11
Total Price: $75.00