Workshops and classes for photographers of every level.

Hundreds of people come though Michael Lamb's workshops and classes every year. 

Michael teaches a series of classes and workshops in Greenville & Spartanburg SC for people who simply want to make better pictures.   Classes are designed for photographers of all skill levels, with most attendants using entry-level and mid-level cameras such as the Canon Rebel series & 70D and Nikon D3300, D5500 and D7100 and Sony A58 & A77.  Most classes will apply to any camera.

Classes and workshops are fun, fast moving and filled with great information.  Every attendant will receive a hand out with outlines and notes so attendants can concentrate on the speaker and less on writing.

Classes are numbered similar to college courses to help guide our attendants in choosing classes.  Starting with our 101 class, which is available FREE at local libraries, is the best route.  All other classes are built upon the ideas and techniques taught in this basic class.  Attendants will go from basic ideas to shooting in full manual mode in the first 3 classes.  Michael will gladly make recommendations on the right class for you, based on our skill level, camera and interest, simply use the contact link above.  For the current class listing, click on Class Schedule above.